Ballon Bleu de Cartier Replica Watches A perfect circle

Swiss Replica Watches — Circular, curvaceous, poetic and versatile, the Ballon Bleu is one of Cartier’s greatest success stories. Join us on a voyage of discovery of this gentle, versatile and charming watch. gold-cartier-ballon-bleu-Replica-Watches

The catalogue of typical Cartier shapes is historically made up of square, rectangular, cushion- and tonneau-shaped cases. When, in 2007, the company announced its biggest ever launch of a round watch, it wasn’t just any kind of round. The name, the shape and the extraordinary versatility of the Ballon Bleu set it apart from all other circular fake watches UK. In fact, it has become one of the most significant collections Cartier has ever developed. The Ballon Bleu continues to rise, embracing new complications and innovative variations. How can a such an apparently simple watch have achieved such a triumphant trajectory?


From the front, the Ballon Bleu is round, with short lugs. Its overall harmony is hidden from this angle. © Cartier Swiss Replica Watches

Its shape is reminiscent of a hot air balloon. The idea of a large circle held by slender threads was the image that governed its creation and launch. Why “blue”? Perhaps because of its mellifluous sound. In any case, the Ballon Bleu has the most poetic name of all the Cartier ranges. The concept is supported by meticulous design.

Seen from above, the case is round, the lugs are short and the bezel is generously convex. The crown is protected by a slender bridge that protrudes from the caseband, its gentle bump mirrored in the guilloché pattern in the centre of the dial. But the Ballon Bleu is more than just a circle. You have to turn it over to see the full effect. In profile its graceful lenticular form looks like a perfectly smooth pebble. The crystal and bezel form an unbroken curve that continues onto the caseback, which is curved in exactly the same way. The Ballon Bleu is symmetrical in three dimensions, taking inspiration from some of the most ancient aesthetic codes.



Ballon Bleu 42 mm in steel: in profile, the watch reveals its personality. © Cartier Replica Watches

These symmetries result in a watch that rests easily on the wrist. Its gentle contours follow the lines of the arm. Most watches that aim for ergonomic comfort follow the curves of the wrist. The Ballon Bleu does the opposite. From above, the trajectory of the watch’s profile follows that of the arm. From the other side, its convex back nestles naturally between the wrist bones: counter-intuitive, perhaps, but astonishingly effective. When you put it on, it all becomes clear.

This comfort in wear has a second advantage, which is a large part of the Ballon Bleu’s success. Even in larger sizes it fits a wide range of wrists. The Ballon Bleu does not overhang the edge of the arm. It doesn’t slip. It doesn’t catch on your sleeve. It remains in place, whatever its diameter. And this aspect is the key to its ability to embrace an unparalleled range of variations. The Ballon Bleu is fundamentally a unisex watch, its bezel providing a generous canvas for gem-setting. And the range of diameters and styles has naturally invited a wide range of complications.



Ballon Bleu Granulation: the case lends itself to all interpretations, even métiers d’art. © Cartier

The simpler versions make up the majority of the catalogue. Fitted with an automatic movement, the Ballon Bleu exists in steel, gold, and steel and gold, with the option in each case of a fine leather strap or a bracelet in the same metal as the watch, in a choice of 36, 39, 40, 42, 44 and 46 mm diameters.

Three models stand out. The Ballon Bleu Flying Tourbillon was the first watch to contain a Cartier manufacture complication movement certified with the Geneva Hallmark. Then, in 2009, Cartier chose the Ballon Bleu as the vehicle for its ID One, its first concept watch, the culmination of several technological advances that had never been seen before in the watch industry. But the most intriguing version is probably the Ballon Bleu Extra Flat. Rather than the usual 13 mm, this watch is just 7.05 mm deep. How did Cartier manage to halve the height while remaining faithful to the watch’s identity? In fact, a known feature of three-dimensional constructions is that they retain their personality even when they are foreshortened. This flexibility is a hallmark of many of the most successful designs.



Ballon Bleu Flying Tourbillon, Ballon Bleu Extra Flat & Ballon Bleu ID One © Cheap Replica Cartier

Magnetism Is my UK replica watch magnetised?

Replica Watches Idol — Has your automatic Swiss replica watch stopped? Has its going rate started to vary wildly? It could be magnetized. There is an easy way to find out. black-swiss-replica-watches-sale

 Your mechanical watch can be at risk if you expose it to strong magnetic fields. Although most modern balance springs are made of an anti-magnetic alloy such as Glucydur (beryllium-bronze) or Nivarox (iron-nickel-chromium-titanium-beryllium), they can still be affected by magnetism if the field is strong enough. Prolonged exposure to magnetic fields from mobile phones, loudspeakers or even the magnetic clasp in a ladies’ handbag can sometimes have an impact on the accuracy of your fake watches UK. In the worst case, your watch may stop working altogether. The most frequent cause of any mechanical watch stopping is the balance spring ceasing to function, which in the case of magnetism occurs when the magnetic field causes the individual coils of the spring to become entangled. Unusually high variations in rate, with the watch gaining or losing much more than normal, can be another indication that your watch is magnetized. But your watch may also be magnetized without showing any adverse effects.

Gauss or Amperes per metre (A/m)?
You may have heard both terms with respect to magnetism, and both are units used to express the strength of a magnetic field. Most watch brands prefer to use Gauss units to express the level of resistance of their timepieces, but the ISO 764 standard that governs magnetic resistance in watches simulates an accidental exposure to a magnetic field of 4,800 A/m as its benchmark. If a watch can withstand such a magnetic field and maintain accuracy of within +/- 30 seconds per day (a huge variation compared with the COSC criteria and the individual certifications of brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe), then it is considered anti-magnetic under this norm.

Anti-magnetic Swiss replica watches for sale
One way of protecting watches from magnetic fields is to use the principle of the Faraday Cage to deflect the magnetic field around the core components of the watch. The usual way of doing this is to surround the watch movement with a soft-iron cage, a technique that harks back to the very first pilots’ watches from the likes of IWC, which needed to be anti-magnetic. Even with the use of materials such as silicon for the balance spring and escapement parts, the soft-iron inner cage is still used by IWC and Panerai, which claims its Luminor Submersible 1950 Amagnetic 3 Days can resist magnetic fields of up to 40,000 A/m.


The 36mm IWC pilot’s watch is anti-magnetic, like all IWC pilot’s watches, thanks to the use of a soft-iron cage that surrounds the movement. © IWC Silver Replica Watches

What to do if you think your watch is magnetized?
Your local watch store might be able to tell you whether your watch has been magnetized, but you can now also check your watch yourself using the handy new iOS application from Lepsi. Once you have installed it, you just need to hold your watch near the centre to find out if it is magnetized. If it is, Lepsi offers demagnetizing kits to help you solve the problem.


The iOS application by Lepsi allows you to check whether your watch is magnetised using your smartphone.

The future of magnetism
In watchmaking, there can often be some major discrepancies between theory and practice. One might think that watchmakers would be doing all they could to avoid magnetism in their copy watches UK. Yet Christophe Claret uses a magnetic field to move ball bearings to display the hours and minutes in his X-Trem 1 watch, while Breguet uses a magnetic pivot at the very heart of its Classique Chronométrie 7727 model.

TAG Heuer Copy Watches Video. FIA Formula E Visa ePrix in Paris

— Taking place on April 23, the race in Paris was the first European round of the 2015-2016 season of the world’s first cheap Replica Watches fully-electric championship.

This initiative has been actively supported by Swiss watchmaker fake TAG Heuer, the founding partner & Official Timekeeper of this 21st Century championship.

The City of Paris played host to the first European race of the 2015/2016 season of the world’s first fully-electric championship. 18 single-seater, fully-electric vehicles were on the starting line of the Visa Paris e-Prix which took place on 23rd April on a track constructed around the Les Invalides building. This was the 7th leg out of a total of 11 for the season. Just imagine travelling along the Boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg at speeds in excess of 220 km/h.

A Formula-E showcar customised by Lapo Elkann and his design agency Garage Custom Italia created with the support of replica TAG Heuer Watches UK and Bank Julius Baer, has been bought 120 000 € by auction during the gala dinner in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E Holdings.

Gold Replica Watches UK Longines DolceVita

Best Copy Watches UK — When steel and gold are combined to embody glamour and grace.


Since its inception, the Longines DolceVita collection has illustrated Logines’s contemporary elegance worldwide. Today, new glamourous models blending rose gold and steel enrich the collection.

The steel cases of the Longines DolceVita collection feature a solid rose gold crown and the touch of pink on the dial harmoniously match the rose gold and steel cheap fake watch band.


DolceVita, ref. L5. ©

The watches are also offered in a version set with diamonds. They are available in four sizes and house a quartz movement. A silver-coloured “flinqué” dial adorned with painted Roman numerals and a black lacquered or white mother-of-pearl dial enhanced with diamond indexes, all featuring a rose gold hourglass, decorate the models of this collection. These timekeepers feature a steel and rose gold cap bracelet.


DolceVita ref. L5.512.5.79.7. © Replica Longines Watches